The Nelsons

June 2021

Paige and Bruce are the best!! Thank ya'll for making our family feel like part of your family and making our children's wedding more than we imagined!! Ya'll are the best! For was delicious and service was unbelievable!! Lifelong friends made!!

C. Lavender

June 2021

Thank you or a magical wedding. It was everything and more that I imagined. Bruce and Paige were wonderful guiding me through every step of the simple process. Our guests would not have been more complimentary. Staff always available when needed, but fading away when not needed. Food was exceptional! Would recommend this venue a hundred times over to anyone looking for a beautiful, inclusive venue!


May 2021

I have already written a recommendation for Mimosa Ridge but after seeing these wonderful memories caught by Shannon Dale-Franklin Photography I want to say once again what a beautiful venue this is and how the staff listened to the dreams and visions of a wedding that Jessica and Gavin had envisioned for months. They listened and they followed through to bring their dreams to reality in such a family friendly way as if it was for their own wedding. They took ownership of the plans and also removed our stress so we could just have fun and fellowship with each other and all our friends. Thank you again, Paige Gandy and Bruce Marchand for all the wonderful memories that will last a lifetime and beyond, but most important—thank you for being a part of those memories with us.❤️

C. Broderick

March 2021

The wedding was stunning. The moment we walked through the cabin door we were in awe of the work you've done here. So much beauty and detail in the cabin and land around. Thank you for making this such a comfortable and serene trip. Texas doesn't seem so far when you've got Mimosa Ridge on the map. Thank you for everything!


The Fosters

November 2020

Everything was fabulous. We could not have asked for anything to be more perfect. The food, flowers, decorations, everything was exactly as we wanted. Thank you so much! We highly recommend Mimosa Ridge to anyone getting married. 

Mr. and Mrs. McCoy

October 2020

If you ever want to get married at a stress free place, this is definitely the place to choose. Very nice people and they strive to make you as happy as possible.  Bruce and Paige went above and beyond. We had such a great experience!! If Justin and I could get married every weekend, we would definitely come back here every time!

D. Bridgmon

October 2020

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue! Y'all are the best! We enjoyed planning our wedding with y'all so much. We can't wait to come visit!

destini and daniel

A. Broughton

September 2020

 I can’t say enough! They are OUTSTANDING and I highly recommend them. Every single thing was perfect and the staff is wonderful. Bruce and Paige went out of their way to make sure everything was great. We rented the cabins for the weekend and I highly recommend that because everyone is there together and it’s so fun! The staff and Mimosa Ridge did our cakes, food, flowers, decorations, and much much more! They also did our rehearsal dinner and the food was wonderful!! It was a great southern cooked meal. They made the weekend so much less stressful because they took care of EVERYTHING. My family and I did not have to even lift a finger all weekend or worry about anything because we knew it was all taken care of. Highly highly recommend Mimosa Ridge to anyone without hesitation!!!!

Petrey Family

December 2019

I have no words to express how perfect my baby's wedding day was! The venue was simply amazing...not only was it beautiful but the food, the flowers...EVERYTHING was just how we had envisioned. Bruce and Paige at Mimosa Ridge do a spectacular job. 


Gibson Family

November 2019

The weekend was amazing. The wedding was beautiful and the chapel, reception and staff were all great. I would recommend this place to anyone that has a special day to celebrate. Or for just a get away for the weekend. Thanks to everyone that had a part in this weekend. 

Billy & Cindy

October 2019

I would like to comment Mimosa Ridge-- Mr. Bruce, Paige and staff for the awesome, outstanding, and creative talents! You made our daughter's wedding stunning!! I would highly recommend your venue! The food, decor, and courtesy made it a very special day for all of us!

Thank you!

Kyla D.

October 2019

Thank you to the entire staff at Mimosa Ridge! I don't think I would have been able to plan an Alabama wedding from North Dakota anywhere else! Bruce and Paige were great and easy to work with, really accommodating to my request, even tried (and executed) a bunch of first time things for our ceremony! Every flower was beautiful, all the guests loved the food, the cake was gorgeous... just thank you for everything. It was my perfect wedding!

Tippy Baskin

June 2019

We couldn't have picked a better place! Everything was AMAZING! Food was great! Cake was great! Decorations were beautiful!


Tyra M.

April 2019

They did an amazing job! The didn't miss a beat with anything! Thank you so much for everything!

Olivia & Mike

December 2018

"Thank you SO much for everything! We had an amazing time here and the wedding was perfect. Bruce and everyone who works here is amazing. We can't say enough great things!


Sharmene S.

December 2018

We attended our cousin's wedding this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The service was great and the cabin was beautiful. I look forward to visiting again. 

The Bronk Family

December 2018

"We came for our son's wedding and everything was so perfect! Despite the weather, Bruce and Paige made the ceremony and reception absolutely amazing! It could not have been more perfect! And the food was some of the best we have ever had. Thank you for all you did. We hope to come back someday." 

Je'Kayla M.

April 2018

"Mimosa Ridge is one of the most beautiful places you ever want to see. It is truly a hidden gem. Not only that but Burce and his staff went above and beyond to ensure that every details of our wedding was taken care of.  It's like a home away from home. There aren't enough words to describe Mimosa Ridge, its a hidden wonder you must see. You will not regret it! 

Lauren B.

March 2018

"Guys! I cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about Mimosa Ridge, Bruce, Paige, and all the other helpers! They made our day perfect in every way! From the moment we showed up for the rehearsal to the final song to checking on us this morning before we left the cabins! Every detail big and small was covered and we cannot thank them enough for that! If you or anyone you know is getting married or just want a weekend getaway THIS is the place!!!"


Robin W.

October 2017

"I enjoyed every minute there. The owner and staff are so welcoming. The view is beautiful. Everything was wonderful. If you’re looking for great hospitality, beautiful venu, great food, and professionalism then this is the place for you."

Jeremy J.

September 2017

" 5 stars with Bruce and his team! They made everything perfect for our wedding! The warmth, friendliness, and love they showed us and our family was overwhelming and incredible from checking in to the cabins and until we left the cabins! If you are looking for a little piece of heaven and an amazing place to get married please contact Bruce and his team at Mimosa Ridge!" 


Angela T.

August 2017

"Myself along with the entire Salisbury/Boatner family want to thank the owners and entire staff of Mimosa Ridge for the awesome and excellent service you all provided for our daughter's wedding, Ethan and Khloe Boatner. Everything surpassed our expectations and more. I highly recommend anyone to use your beautiful venue, the food and all the services you provide for their wedding. Not to forget the nice cabins with peaceful views of the river also. THANK YOU!!!!!!"

Elizabeth B.

August 2017

"I just had my wedding here on July 29th and it was perfect! Mr. Bruce was amazing and made sure I didn't have to worry about anything! The place is gorgeous and so peaceful! I highly recommend them! Thank you for my dream wedding I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day."


Mrs. Dogget

June 2021

Ya'll are the absolute best! Everything was perfect!


The Lavenders

June 2021

What a pleasure to work with Bruce and Paige! They were beyond helpful throughout the process from planning our first visit to see the venue to the last detail of leaving on our wedding night. I felt at ease knowing I could trust these two. The venue was just gorgeous. The staff was always available but never intrusive. And, oh my goodness, the food was just incredible. I was relaxed and my photos reflect that. My guests were amazed at the entire event.

A. Davis

May 2021

Absolutely awesome wedding weekend! Mimosa Ridge staff out did themselves and provided once again how experienced and professional they are when it comes to providing the ultimate wedding experience. A dream wedding for Gavin and Paige became reality. The wedding party came for rehearsal and then enjoyed staying in the awesome cabins to get the full onsite experience. Mimosa Ridge's facilities and ground enabled everyone to just fellowship and enjoy being with each other during the two days. All the wedding preparations and schedules went like clockwork-- each person knowing exactly what their responsibility was and each taking ownership of their part to make the wedding day a success. There aren't enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Bruce and Ms. Paige for all they accomplished. They came highly recommended, became like family through the planning, and supported us throughout the special day. We now highly recommend them for anyone looking to have their wedding dream become a reality. 

E. Garrison

October 2020

We had a great time! Thank you for everything you did. It was wonderful!

The Billings

October 2020

I got married at Mimosa Ridge last weekend! Everything was wonderful! Mr. Bruce and Paige took care of everything! I highly recommend Mimosa Ridge for anyone looking for a wedding venue!

A. Coats

October 2020

Loved everything about it. Good experience. Wonderful staff. Food was fantastic. Everything organized very well. Staff very helpful and were very pleasant to be around. Have no complaints. Loved them.

K. Atkinson

September 2020

Thank you so much Bruce and Paige. The wedding was perfect. All the food and everything was wonderful. Thank you again. 

Ashley Petrey

December 2019

I cannot say enough good things about Mimosa Ridge! Bruce, Paige, Telena and staff were nothing short of amazing. From the food to the flowers and everything in between....absolutely perfect!! and to top it off, STRESS FREE! Who plans a wedding without stress? I am simply amazed!


Chasity & Zach

October 2019

Our wedding was everything we could have ever wanted and more! From the decorations, the food, every small little detail, going with all of our crazy ideas and never complaining Mr. Bruce, Paige and all the staff you guys were amazing! You made our day so very special and we never had to worry about anything. We will always remember how special it was. Mimosa Ridge made all of our dreams come true!

Haley & Mark

October 2019

We couldn't have picked a better place for our wedding! Bruce and Paige were so great and easy to work with! Everything was absolutely perfect!

Hernandez Family

October 2019

We had a wonderful time here. We had my daughter's wedding and had a really good time in Alabama. It's a beautiful place to say and enjoy. We will be back again. Thank you for everything. 


Baskin Family

June 2019

This was the most amazing and beautiful wedding! Thank you Mimosa Ridge! We enjoyed our weekend so much!

Dylan & Hallie

May 2019

"We had our wedding at Mimosa Ridge at the beginning of May. Every single aspect of it was perfect. They provided everything we could ever need from the food, to the flowers, to the STUNNING and delicious cake! They planned and set up everything for us so there was no stress on us the day of the wedding. The decorations were absolutely beautiful! I was able to choose exactly what I wanted, and everything turned out better than I could have imagined. It poured down rain the day of our wedding, and they never missed a beat! I highly recommend Mimosa Ridge Wedding Chapel to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, romantic place to hold thier perfect day!

Neal Bridal Party

May 2019

"Thank you for an amazing weekend! The wedding was beautiful!" 



Brandi & Zac

February 2019

We wouldn't have had it any other way! We love Mimosa Ridge! Thanks for making our day perfect!

The McGee's

February 2019

Thank you for making Brandi's and Zac's so wonderful! Thier day was just what they wanted! Thank you!

Lauren W.

January 2019

Thank you so much for making our day so special!


Kaley D.

November 2018

"We got married here 9 years ago and were a part of a wedding today. Same great people and service was excellent. Everything was beautifully put together. Cake was amazing. Cabins were so convenient to have just a few yards away with a view of the river. Definitely recommend. "

Michelle R.

October 2018

"Mimosa Ridge is a great place! We had our wedding here and I couldn't have asked for anything better. They do it all and they are good at what they do. Cake was delicious, all the flowers and decorations were beautiful, people are still talking about how good the food was and the staff went above and beyond from rehearsal dinner up until we left that weekend. We rented three of thier cabins for that weekend and they are beautiful as well. Anything we needed Bruce and his crew were right there. We will definitely visit again. Thank you all so much for a great wedding weekend and thanks even more for all that you did."


The Littles & Flemings

November 2018

Thanks for an awesome wedding weekend! Perfect memories and 5 star job making everything so smooth. Ya'll are the best! God Bless!

Kenny & Ray

October 2018

"Kacey and Austin got married last night. It was a beautiful wedding. Our family stayed in all 5 cabins and we were so happy to be close all weekend. The place is fantastic and we hope to be back soon. Love, Praise and Thanks.


Kim B.

September 2017

"I highly recommend. Even at their remote location two wedding attendees apparel met with some last minute spots and stains and the Marchands got them steam cleaned and dried within minutes of the event start time. Great thanks to Mimosa Ridge for making this such a perfect enjoyable time in our lives!"

Cathy B.

August 2017

"My daughter and son in law were married here in July of this year. My daughters dream come true. Mr Bruce was amazing with all her flowers and the details. The wedding cake was amazing and all the food was wonderful.Bruce and his staff did a wonderful job with all the planning and details. Their love for planning and hosting wedding really shows in their work. Loved the cabins being there so we did not have to travel back and forth. We couldn't ask for anything more beautiful. It was absolutely amazing. Thank you."

Matt L.

June 2016

"I couldn't imagine our wedding being anymore perfect! Thanks so much to the entire Mimosa Ridge staff!"

Shelley B.

October 2015

"The most amazing place in the world with the most fantastic wedding planners and staff! Thank you Bruce (and staff) you exceeded our expectations and made Emmi's wedding absolutely breath-takingly (if that's a word - haha) perfect!" 

Amy W.

June 2013

"My husband and I were married here back in 2010. Bruce and his staff were not only very professional but very compassionate about our wedding. They made us feel as if we were the only wedding they had on their list for the whole year. They were very caring and loving to us. We were strangers to them, but they treated us like family. The site of the venue is breathtaking !! We plan to return for our 5th anniversary just to return to this gorgeous site. Bruce conducted the service and was very personable and thoughtful in his words. I am still so thankful for these them for making our day so peaceful, structured and memorable. Thanks again to Bruce and his lovely staff for making December 18, 2010 so beautiful. It's been almost 3 years and I'm still blown away by Mimosa Ridge and the beauty that dwells there." 


Freddy S.

June 2017

"My daughters wedding was wonderful.I would like to thank everyone who came, Mr.Bruce, and the entire Mimosa Ridge staff. I highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding.They are the best and worked very hard to make our daughter's wedding so wonderful.Also a big thank you to the band Homemade Jam.They were so awesome!.Thanks again to everyone.God bless."


Theresa J.

August 2016

"Mimosa Ridge was the perfect wedding venue for our daughter, Kate Jones. The staff was fabulous and wedding planning was stress-free for her special day. I highly recommend it. The best kept secret in the South."

Mackie S.

February 2016

"Absolutely beautiful, all inclusive venue tucked away on the Tombigbee River. Its the perfect venue to have an intimate wedding! From the decor, to the food and even the wedding cake, just perfect! The staff are super professional and accomdating. Would love to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary there! Thanks again!"